Dog Grooming Procedures

What to expect when bringing your dog to our grooming salon.


For every new customer we complete a comprehensive record and information sheet which captures your preferences for grooming and anything we should be aware of, e.g; is your pet on medication, do they have any allergies or have they ever shown signs of aggression. This is time well invested at the start of our relationship and takes just a few minutes.


It is expected that your dog is fit and well enough to be groomed by us and free from fleas and infections and fully up to date with their vaccinations.


We like to be kept busy and so when customers forget to come, it can leave us with time on our hands and unable to fill slots at short notice. We will do our best to send you reminders if you leave us with a mobile number. So if you need to cancel, and we appreciate things do crop up, please give us a bit of notice.

  • More than 24 hours cancellation notice: No Charge
  • Less than 24 hours cancellation notice: £5
  • No-Show: £10

Naturally exceptions will be made for unavoidable emergencies.


It's only a small shop and we don't want dogs distressed because they have been away from their owners too long. So we'll call you when your pet is ready and would appreciate it if you could collect them within the hour. Remember we do offer a pick-up and drop-off service if you're pushed for time.

Veterinary Care

We will ask you for details of your vet just in case your dog becomes poorly, injured or distressed during their stay with us. We would of course contact you as soon as possible should anything out of the ordinary arise. If your vet is unavailable we will contact a local vet for advice.

Matted Coats

We ask that owners respect their dogs and not allow excess matting of their coats as this causes unnecessary suffering. Even as professional groomers, we cannot perform miracles and whilst some knots can be brushed out, invariably matted fur has to be shaved. We will advise if shaving is the only option, prior to carrying out the procedure. De-matting will incur additional charges and may need to be carried out over more than one visit if the dog becomes too distressed.


Bringing dogs to the salon with fleas or any other parasite is not fair on other customers so we ask that you check them before they come to us. If we find anything we will inform you and treat them accordingly. This will carry an additional cost of £10 which covers the extra time spent bathing your dog to remove fleas, the use of an appropriate shampoo, extra clean up time including flea removal and prevention products in our salon.

Payment and Customer Feedback

Customers are asked to pay all associated costs at the time of collecting their pet. If for any reason you are not 100% happy with the groom we have given your dog please do bring it to our attention within the first 24 hours.

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